18 Oct

These are areas I strive to improve every day!

-Always seek advise

-Have trusted advisors (mentors)

-Be humble and teachable

-Take responsibility

-Lead from the front

-Don’t take people for-granted

-People are more important than things

-Work on improving yourself

-Be a lifetime learner

-Have a personal relationship with God

-Don’t be in such a hurry


-Read the Bible

-Involve yourself in something bigger than yourself

-Impact is more important than impress

-Be real

-Be a good listener

-Treat all people with dignity and respect

-Forgive yourself and others

-Pursue progress not perfection

-Whenever you attempt to be different, know that you will have many critics

-Read, Listen and associate with people who will improve your life

-Guard your heart


David A. Ober

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