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Great book just released….

Joe & Laura Darkangelo

All LIFE subscribers will be the first to get their hands on the latest book from Obstacles Press, written by none other than the Viking himself: Tim Marks. In a style all his own, Tim takes the reader through a heartfelt journey of living and learning, growing and changing, and mostly, overcoming. When I read this book I literally laughed AND cried right out loud! It is a life-changer.
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Below is the announcement on the LIFE website:

April 05, 2012 – Voyage of a Viking by Tim Marks
The world today is filled with people who are enslaved by debt and riddled with fear that their situations will never improve because of the failing economy. More marriages seem to fail these days than the ones that last. Children all over are growing up in broken homes with absentee parents, wondering who will love them and take the…

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