07 Apr

Tonight at the gym I saw on the back of a T-shirt the word ‘family,’  After a long and challenging day, it was a great reminder to keep things in perspective.  Thank you to the one who wore this t-shirt.

There are many forms of family.  I’m so thankful for my different forms of family! My business customers, my employees, my community of friends, which extends all over the country, my church, my family, and most of all, my wife, children, their spouses, and grandchildren.

No matter how challenging my day may be, it’s always very special to come home and spend time with those you love the most.  Coming home to a safe, loving environment has always been a sense of safety and security.

Not everyone has this same situation and so it is our duty, for those who do, to pass it on.  This is why we must get involved and be a shining example and encouragement wherever God has planted us!

Never take family for granted.


Dave Ober

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One response to “Family

  1. Cathy Redden

    April 7, 2015 at 11:26 PM

    Hello Dave! Thank you for your post on all kinds of family. Great perspective. I miss seeing you in Milton. Take care! Cathy


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