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ECS – Attracts High Quality in their Management Team!

We would like to highlight our regional manager for our Wilmington area! Josh Ober! image After graduating high school in 2008, Josh decided to pursue his passion and join the military. He spent five years in the active duty United States Marine Corps. In his time in the Marines he served on three different deployments. Josh promoted fast through the ranks of Marines and in just over 3 years time, he earned his meritorious promotion to the rank of Sergeant. After making the hard decision to honorably discharge from the Marine Corps, Josh began working for  Environmental Cleaning Solutions Inc. as a full time employee at the Harrisburg Mall. His hard work, diligence, and attention to detail in his time at the Harrisburg Mall paid off as he is now our Divisional Manager for the Philadelphia, PA / Wilmington, DE regional area where he now lives with his wife Amanda.


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What Are You Preparing For?

Success comes when opportunity and preparedness meet.  

There are the extremes in both directions; The one direction is sitting on the lazy-boy recliner waiting for something to happen; The other direction is going out aggressively trying to pursue whatever comes your way.

My opinion, as well as many others, is that one must grow on the inside first.  What does that mean?  Personal development is not very popular among some, however when you look at all areas of your life, are you pleased with all the results?  For example, what about the areas of Family, Friends, Finances, Faith, Freedom, Fun, Fitness, Following.  If you’re not pleased and satisfied with your results in any particular area, there is something you can do about that.  First, you must take full responsibility for the situation.  Then,  wherever you are at is because of the present level of thinking in that area.  And you can’t expect to improve in that area until you change your thinking.  So in order to get to where you want to be, you must develop more.  How?  Read, Listen, Associate!  Do research!  Find some good solid information that will improve that area, which will improve your results.  There are good books or books on CD that you can listen to. Then find a mentor to help you keep accountable in that area.


Information always leads to action, which leads to results.  If you don’t like your results, change your information, which will change your actions, which will improve your results.


David A. Ober, CFO

Environmental Cleaning Solutions inc.


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Creating Culture!

Creating culture in business is something that must be completely intentional.  It doesn’t just happen.

It’s been a very long time since writing my last post.  I kind of feel like the famous Bible story about David the shepherd, not seen very much, but on the back side of the mountain, tending and protecting his sheep, learning, growing and being tested.  That’s how my last calendar year was.  I haven’t always been victorious, sometimes I lost, but I always learned great life lessons.

In 2014, Environmental Cleaning Solutions, Inc. grew over 300%.  Expansion was fast and furious.  Many factors went into this large and fast growth.  Life changed for all of us.  One of the many factors that enabled us to experience this kind of growth was the LIFE Leadership development company.  Improving my people skills, learning to work ‘on’ my business and not ‘in’ my business, learning to look at our employees as teammates, and partners and building relationships with many of them, instead of looking at them as a ‘means to an end’, being real, finding purpose, and many more factors…

Changing and growing yourself is a journey, not a destination.

In 2014 we started a monthly corporate leadership training program (LIFE Leadership) with all of our managers.  Starting anything new, requires intentional effort, is at times awkward, and you must know why, or you’ll quit.  However, the changes in growth have and continue to be phenomenal.

In studying many other companies, there seems to be some common threads of success.  Some of those common threads are:

– Purpose, Vision, Values, and Focus

– Personal & Leadership Development

– Focus on Mentorship

– Overcome yourself:  if too cocky, sand off the rough edges; if lack of confidence, build it.

– Be Teachable

– Learn to Delegate, duplicate yourself

– Trust Others, believe in your employees, expect excellence

– Lead by Example

I’ve been self-employed for over 26 years.  With many successes and failures, you must re-visit the ‘why’ often to keep growing and not become stale.

As a Leadership Team, we are re-visiting every aspect of our business.   From company vision to how we hire, we are asking the tough questions.  We hired consultants and are even entertaining the thought of re-branding our company with a new logo.  Input from our teammates is extremely important.

We love our Teammates, our Leaders, and our customers!  We are humbled to be a growing company in some difficult economic times. We have offices in Harrisburg, PA; Reading, PA; and Wilmington, DE, with our Headquarters in Lebanon, PA.

Stay tuned!


David A Ober


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