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Two of LIFE’s 8 F’s is FRIENDS and FUN!

Over the holidays Beth and I have had the privilege to spend time with our business partners and friends in St. Pete Beach, Florida.  We spent time laughing, sharing funny stories, reflecting back over the past year and strategizing for the new year.  Those awesome people were Denny and Donna Smith, Mike and Lynnette Parr, (and son Brayden), Tony and Sharon Hoffman, (and daughters Maile and Madison), and Kolynn and Lynn Kelly.  It was the first time we have ever celebrated the new year on the beach.  With the 75-80 degree weather, sunny days with powder-like sand… it was a grand way to relax, re-charge, sharpen the ax (lots of reading) and get ready for an awesome 2012!  Being from Pennsylvania, the vitamin D really felt good!

As LIFE continues to grow, and as I meet with more and more people and companies… I’m finding with the economic climate FUN and FRIENDS is something that people really need to work on.  Many times executives express the opinion that business owners and executives are under so much stress that they don’t have fun.  With trying to meet quotas, keep stock-holders happy, board of directors… going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark, conflict, turn-over, etc… these executives go home many times so stressed they shut down and in-turn cause relationship issues with family.

Executives absolutely love the holistic approach to improving LIFE in all areas because all areas are inner-woven.  If you are having problems at work, it can affect relationships at home, and vice-versa.

Having a master-mind group of trusted friends, (like the ones listed above) is also extremely important.  It provides a safe environment so that you can share thoughts, ideas, and gain perspective and not feel like you are being judged.  This also provides much-needed accountability which keeps you on track and allows for continuous course correction and adjustment.

Find trusted friends and create times of fun in 2012.  Work hard, Play hard!


Dave Ober


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Mentorship is key to a significant LIFE!

Mentorship is key to a significant LIFE!

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Tony Hoffman, Mike Parr, Greg Johnson, Denny Smith, Dave Ober

Recently my wife and I spent the weekend in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.  This 10,000 sq. ft. lake house that sits on a peninsula as part of 500 miles of like front properties was a breath-taking experience.  Owned by one of our Mentors, Denny and Donna Smith…this estate/home is designed so that all rooms have a water front view.  Our suite had a private balcony that had a magnificent view.  The leafs were in peak season.  My wife and I were reminded again of our great God and His awesome splendor of His creation.  The cool mornings and evenings and warm afternoons were filled with special memories.  This retreat was so special because we got to spend it with many of our LIFEBusiness partners and mentors.

The LIFE experiences and mentorship of ORRIN WOODWARD, GREG JOHNSON, DENNY SMITH,

MIKE PARR, and TONY HOFFMAN has been priceless.  Gaining respect from these men is something that is very important to me.  Experience is not the best teacher; other people’s experience is the best teacher.  Seeking counsel from men of this caliber is key.  These are all men that have the ‘fruit on the tree’ and have real-life experiences to provide that credible mentorship.  Men of principle-based character and integrity that help you gain perspective in all areas of LIFE.  TODAY, I HONOR THESE MEN AND THANK THEM FOR THE SIGNIFICANT ROLE THAT EACH ONE CONTRIBUTES TO MY LIFE.  I thank God every day for bringing these men into my life.  Without these men who provide mid-course correction, feedback, accountability, perspective, etc., I’m not sure where I would be.  May everyone who reads this post find great leaders in their life as I did.  Sincerely, Dave Ober


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