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Jeff Daniels, American Freedoms & LeaderShift

Jeff Daniels, American Freedoms & LeaderShift

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 22, 2013

Jeff Daniels, playing Will in his TV show, believes America is in decline. In fact, he believes this so emphatically that some of his language in the video is not children-friendly. I apologize in advance for some of the wording in this video. However, the points he makes and the discussion around it are so valuable that I decided to post it. Mr. Daniels has pinpointed the effects of the Five Laws of Decline upon American society. Nonetheless, identifying the effects and solving the issues are not one and the same thing. The Five Laws of Decline must be rooted out of our culture, ending the plunder of working citizens on both sides of the political aisle.


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Winter leadership LIFE!

My husband and I and our two youngest children just got back from Life Leadership conference in Louisville Kentucky Freedom Hall ! It was an amazing weekend! Thank you so much for all the time and effort that went into planning this event! Wayne and Raylenes’ policy council ceremony and their talk was definitely the highlight ! The relationships built in the Life business are like no other and no amount of money could buy! Each speaker brought their message with such relatability! Just some of the things that stood out to me were- Lana Hamilton ” you cant go back and make a brand new start but everyone can start from here and make a brand new ending! And don’t wait to do something until you are motivated just start and you will become motivated” Laurie Woodward talked about Living a disciplined life creates real peace! Terri Brady “when you encourage you are actually putting courage in someone!” Chris Bradys talk on How to Speak Life could totally transform our work place, home, church etc! Lisa Hawkins talk on “Sometimes you have to shift gears” was a great analogy for life! Also loved Orrin’s talk on subway vs metropolitan was very impactful and so true – “There is a broken heart inside of everyone who will take the time to listen to them!” Thanks again to the policy council of life ! One million is just the first stop! Sincerely Beth Ober



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Turkey Tastes Better Without Lily Pads – I love how the leaders of life choose to be vulernable and allow God to use their lives to help us all learn valuable lessons! This story reminds me that as a parent we should be more concerned about our children’s hearts than their current actions and if they are making us look bad! Shepherding a child’s heart is a great book to help us stay on the right track also! Terri Brady is a great example of a mom who strives to do just that!

Dave Ober Life Team Leadership:

I love how the leaders of life choose to be vulernable and allow God to use their lives to help us all learn valuable lessons! This story reminds me that as a parent we should be more concerned about our children’s hearts than their current actions and if they are making us look bad! Shepherding a child’s heart is a great book to help us stay on the right track also! Terri Brady is a great example of a mom who strives to do just that!

Originally posted on Letters to Lindsey:

Dear Lindsey,

The westerly wind blew little waves into our lake, like marks of a knife on a frosted cake. It wasn’t enough to cancel our beach day with my friend Sheri and her teenage girls, but it was enough that our normal boating and fishing were deterred.

We owned the entire perimeter of the forty-acre body of water that provided homes for bass, pike, bluegill and countless turtles and frogs. The homemade sandy beach was perfect for fun family picnics, business events and girlfriend days like this one.

“Can I go kayaking?” my 5-yr-old son asked. Kayaking was a newly acquired skill, and he was always one to love the kudos people gave him for being so athletic so young.

“It’s windy. I don’t think it would be much fun to have to fight it,” I tried to detour the request. “Do you want to show them the trails?”

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A Leadership Revolution for the Next Generation

A Leadership Revolution for the Next Generation. What an awesome example of a next generation leader! Great job Kristen!


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Why success is all about relationships
March 14, 2012
by CBS

(MoneyWatch) COMMENTARY Now more than ever, there never seems to be enough time to get things done. Why that is, I don’t know. But I do know that, in an era of social networking, telecommuting and virtual meetings, when it comes to work, the one thing that gets sacrificed is relationships.

Big mistake.
If you want to get somewhere in your career, in management, in business, the worst thing you can do is just focus on work, work, work. Success is all about relationships. Relationships with your management, boss, peers, employees, customers — everyone in your immediate work ecosystem, if you know what I mean.
And I’m not just talking about working relationships; I’m talking about your personal relationships with these people, where you break through the workplace persona people use for whatever reason and actually connect with the human being beneath.
Just to be clear, this isn’t about wasting people’s time. That’s a bad idea because, as I said before, that’s the one precious commodity that nobody has enough of these days. But if you do it right — if you’re genuine, open and sensitive to people’s boundaries — you’ll do fine.
Here are seven reasons why your success depends far more on those all-important interpersonal work relationships than you realize:
Any CEO, VC, or entrepreneur will tell you that their network is their biggest asset. It’s where opportunities come from. And when it comes to networking, doing it old school is a major distinguishing factor versus social networking. When you have a personal relationship with someone, that creates a level of trust that sets you apart from the virtual hordes.
Strong relationships make it easier to get information and information is power. It could be about a major project, a key customer, budget cuts or an upcoming promotion opportunity. When it comes to important stuff, you have to give to get, and you’re not going to get anything valuable from somebody who doesn’t trust you.
Relationships get people through tough times. Long ago I learned that, all things being equal, a personal relationship will help you keep your job, win the business, whatever it is you need, it can make the difference when times are hard. It also means you have someone to lean on. Try leaning on someone you hardly know. Bad idea.
The higher up the corporate ladder you climb, the higher the stakes, the bigger the deals, the more important everything becomes. And that means people have to look you in the eye and feel confident that they know who they’re looking at, that you’ll do what you say you’re going to do, get the job done, whatever. And vice versa.
These days, companies have to be lean and mean, and that means having fewer, stronger relationships. No kidding. It’s the same reason why manufacturers minimize their number of vendors, suppliers and components. Because it’s more cost effective that way. Also, there’s a cost associated with bad business because you didn’t know the person as well as you should have and he failed to meet a commitment, for example.
It may be easier than ever to work and communicate virtually, but all that does is level the playing field, meaning there’s nothing that distinguishes your relationship with an individual. There’s no real connection, no real bond, and when push comes to shove, you can’t expect that person to do anything special or go the extra mile for you.

Personal relationships are more important in just about every nation on the planet than they are in the U.S. Why that is, I can’t say. But I’ve done business in dozens of countries on five continents and just about every culture devotes more time and energy to personal relationships than Americans do. And the more global our markets become, the more important it is to get with the majority program.
What if there was a company that could teach you how to have successful relationships in a community setting ( not theory only) but then would also compensate you as you all learn and grow together in growth groups all across the country!
This is why the LIFE business is going to be the next Walmart,Microsoft,apple etc. but instead of creating another billionaire it will create many millionaires and financially free families!  Life # 61235149
The business of the information age our product is information! Welcome to the future! 

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Life Team Community by Orrin Woodward

The LIFE TEAM Community

The LIFE TEAM Business is growing across North America. Who is this leadership community and what is the purpose of LIFE Team?

What is LIFE?

LIFE is an innovative leadership company that has combined the best parts of four industries.

1. Home Based Business

2. Community Building

3. Leadership

4. Life Coaching

Home Based Businesses (HBB) are exploding. Riding on several trends that enhance it effectiveness, many men and women are working at home today. Mitch Renkow, economics specialist elaborates: Three key trends promise expanding opportunities for some small and home-based businesses while diminishing returns for others. They include:

1. Rapid advances in information and telecommunications technologies

2. An ever more integrated global economy

3. Changes in the shopping habits of consumers

Communities have been in decline for over fifty years. Author Jon Tyson writes:

From Wall Street traders to advertising executives, from nannies to MTV producers, it seems that in some fundamental way we are incurably communal. What’s ironic is that all of these people are living in New York City, surrounded by millions of people, yet feeling incredibly alone. Though they may feel like it, these people are not alone. This loss of community has in some ways become our collective experience of American life.

This relational disconnection was first identified and popularized in the year 2000 in Robert Putnam’s work Bowling Alone.

1. Simply put, he proposed that America was losing its sense of community, or its social capital — the reality that we are a part of “the whole,” and that we participate in small but significant ways to the greater good. He noticed “that we sign fewer petitions, belong to fewer organizations that meet, know our neighbors less, meet with friends less frequently, and even socialize with our families less often.”

2. Putnam went on to suggest that changes in work, family structure, age, suburban life, television, computers, women’s roles, and other factors have contributed to this decline.

One of LIFE’s major initiatives is to bring people together into a community of encouragement, unity, and growth. When a tide is rising it lifts all ships and LIFE’s goal is to help raise the tide by bringing people together in communities. When LIFE marries the best of Home Based Businesses and Community the results is communities where the people are reward for referring others into the community in a win-win fashion. Lead a little; bonus a little. However, Lead a lot; LIFE bonuses a lot. This allows people to choose their own level of commitment and bonuses.

Remember, in an HBB, you are in business for yourself, but in a community, you are not by yourself. In other words, the community meets people at their needs and helps them become better.

This is where leadership and personal development come in. LIFE is built around the internationally acclaimed leadership principles in Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward’s New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling book Launching a Leadership Revolution. Both Chris and Orrin were recognized as two of the Top 30 Leadership Gurus. They co-authored (Leadership and Liberty and Tidbits and Treasure, and L.I.F.E.) and solo authored (Rascal for Chris and RESOLVED for Orrin) numerous top selling books. In addition, Orrin Woodward just won the 2011 IAB Leadership Award.

LIFE’s leadership pedigree is second to none. With leaders of this caliber, anyone can learn to lead and the community ensures the principles are taught and applied within the leadership growth groups. For example, reading a book is good, but it pales in comparison to living it within a growing community of like-minded people. This is what LIFE is – a community of people who desire to improve personally and professionally with the ability to own a home based business if so inclined.

What leadership materials does LIFE offer?

The LIFE series offers life skill Family, Fitness, Freedom, Fun, Friends, and Finances. This a monthly subscription oF: 4 CDs and a book for $50. YOU heard it right Fifty bucks! Why so low? Because LIFE wants to reach people that the rest of the leadership field ignores. How many people can afford thousand of dollar seminars and multiple hundred dollar CD packs?

The Following category is served through the Launching a Leadership Revolution subscription which includes: 4 CDs and a book for $50. Yup another steal! Everyone can afford to be part of LIFE and begin associating with people who are growing and advancing.

Furthermore, for those interested in growing in the Faith F, the All Grace Outreach series. This is a non-denominational Biblical message and includes: 1 CD and 1 Book for $25. All corporate profits from the sale of this series goes to the All Grace Outreach charity to support numerous Christian charitable organizations.

Finally, LIFE coaching is by leaders with proven results within the community. LIFE believes that a certificate does not qualify someone for life coaching, but a life well lived does. Remember, in leadership, example isn’t everything; it’s the only thing. Based upon a person’s willingness to grow, they will receive mentoring at no additional cost, since everyone wins when the community grows.

When LIFE combines these four trends into the TEAM community which has weekly growth groups and a monthly seminar, we have a recipe for long-term success.

Why join LIFE?

Since a person cannot advance beyond his or her personal leadership ability, when his or her leadership improves, life improves. The bad news is that leadership across North America is in real trouble, with government debt rising, companies struggling, jobs melting away, and character in decline in nearly every profession.

The good news, however, is that LIFE is a plan to restore character based leadership at the grass roots level. Instead of waiting for politicians to fix the mess, let’s develop our leadership and fix it ourselves. Imagine a business where you are paid to improve yourself and others? Crazy but true? Life has thousand of satisfied customers and members. Check out one of our leadership groups for yourself and see the LIFE difference.

How do I build LIFE?

When a person joins LIFE, he joins a leadership growth group (LGG). Leaders who have more experience and results help get you started by reading, listening, and associating. By attending the weekly LGG, you will learn from top leaders on principles for personal and professional success. For those who desire to go from being part of the community to a group leader, they can start their own home-based business. In order to become a leader, one must first be an apprentice and learn how to lead one of the growth groups.

Here is how LIFE and TEAM break down to help a person take advantage of the four industries:

1. LIFE teaches leadership and personal development

2. Team teaches community building principles

Where does LIFE meet?

Because LIFE is home-based, we start in people’s homes. Bigger meetings are in hotels conference rooms and the larger meetings fill stadiums across America. Leadership growth groups join together for larger monthly seminars which combine several times a year for major conventions.


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What is leadership and why does it matter?

Dan Hawkins : What is leadership and why does it matter?.


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Two of LIFE’s 8 F’s is FRIENDS and FUN!

Over the holidays Beth and I have had the privilege to spend time with our business partners and friends in St. Pete Beach, Florida.  We spent time laughing, sharing funny stories, reflecting back over the past year and strategizing for the new year.  Those awesome people were Denny and Donna Smith, Mike and Lynnette Parr, (and son Brayden), Tony and Sharon Hoffman, (and daughters Maile and Madison), and Kolynn and Lynn Kelly.  It was the first time we have ever celebrated the new year on the beach.  With the 75-80 degree weather, sunny days with powder-like sand… it was a grand way to relax, re-charge, sharpen the ax (lots of reading) and get ready for an awesome 2012!  Being from Pennsylvania, the vitamin D really felt good!

As LIFE continues to grow, and as I meet with more and more people and companies… I’m finding with the economic climate FUN and FRIENDS is something that people really need to work on.  Many times executives express the opinion that business owners and executives are under so much stress that they don’t have fun.  With trying to meet quotas, keep stock-holders happy, board of directors… going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark, conflict, turn-over, etc… these executives go home many times so stressed they shut down and in-turn cause relationship issues with family.

Executives absolutely love the holistic approach to improving LIFE in all areas because all areas are inner-woven.  If you are having problems at work, it can affect relationships at home, and vice-versa.

Having a master-mind group of trusted friends, (like the ones listed above) is also extremely important.  It provides a safe environment so that you can share thoughts, ideas, and gain perspective and not feel like you are being judged.  This also provides much-needed accountability which keeps you on track and allows for continuous course correction and adjustment.

Find trusted friends and create times of fun in 2012.  Work hard, Play hard!


Dave Ober


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How LIFE Principles Can Help A Business Grow- Small Or Large!

Orrin Woodward’s LIFE Leadership Principles

Bob_QuillenThe article is about Bob Quillen (in photo), the owner of Quillen Bros. has implemented what he’s learned from working with Orrin Woodward and the TEAM leadership.

(The article is in italics with my comments following)

“During the past two years when most of America is experiencing a recession and downsizing, Quillen Bros. Windows has increased its sales – 16 percent in 2009 and over 16 percent in 2010.  In only 12 years, Quillen Bros. has grown to be nationally recognized as the 106th largest exterior replacement contractor in the nation. Quillen Bros. Windows has also received two national awards from Qualified Remodeler and Replacement Contractor, and are the fifth largest in Ohio.

Times are tough right now. You can either get bitter or choose to get better! Over two years ago, we chose to focus on self-improvement vs. home improvement! Bob Quillen has introduced and implemented a leadership self-development culture in his company.”

We focus on growing in five areas of our lives – Faith • Family • Fitness • Finances • Fun. When the person grows so does your company! “Build the man and everything he touches will grow,” says Mr. Quillen. “Change is inevitable, but growth is optional,” says Quillen.

Though Quillen doesn’t mention Orrin Woodward, TEAM or Orrin’s leadership of TEAM specifically, this is exactly what Orrin’s discussing in a leadership video he’s in on YouTube.

“If we grow personally in our leadership development now, when the tide turns and the economy gets better, we will be well equipped to recover a bigger part of the market share.
As the owner of the company, it is my responsibility to sell the vision and create systems that measure growth and accountability.  But I give all the credit to our team of 18 to 20 employees who brought into the vision and make a daily commitment to become a better person.”

Quillen’s arguement is true. Everyone’s personally responsible for their own growth; no one can force you to become a leader and that’s what I’ve seen in Orrin Woodward’s leadership style…accountability.

A Leader with Vision


Imagine the serious competitive edge that Quillen Bros., Inc. will have after the economy changes.  Quillen understands what Orrin’s been teaching for years: a true leader must sell the vision to those whom he or she leads.

Quillen’s an effective leader with solid vision. His understanding that employees (such as these men in the picture to the left and below) aren’t just ‘there’ as a line item in an accounting spreadsheet; they are actually people with dreams, fears and needs.


In Orrin Woodward’s book, Launching a Leadership Revolution: Mastering the Five Levels of Influence he quotes George Barna,

“[Leaders] have to own the vision completely. It must be a perception of a coming reality to which [they] are totally committed.” (Launching A Leadership Revolution, pgs. 8-9)

Orrin Woodward Leadership Evidence: The Law of the Harvest

I’ve talked to Orrin about what I like to call The Law Of The Harvest in relations to personal development and leadership. The Law of the Harvest is loosely based on Aesop’s famous fable of the Grasshopper and the ants.

Essentially, you’ll always reap what you’ve sown.

In the fable, the simple-minded grasshopper spent wasted away all his time during both Spring and Summer dancing and fiddling away his days rather than planting seed or gathering in food for the Fall harvest time as did the ants.

The grasshopper, in his smug arrogance mocks the ants for toiling away in the summer heat when there was so much fun to be had.

The ants, always head down and working would occasionally stop and scold the grasshopper for his idleness and prophesied that he would suffer the consequences of his choices not to prepare.

The grasshopper ignored the ants repeated warnings and continued to play until the cold, stark reality of Winter set in and he found himself completely unprepared.

Application of LIFE Leadership Principles

Quillen is intelligently taking what Orrin and the TEAM group are exposing in the LIFE philosophy….personal accountability and responsibility for your own success.

Quillen Bros. is a local company that specializes in replacement windows and patio doors. We are experts in our profession and are proud of our model of “new world technology combined with an old world workmanship.
We assist and control all aspects of the job, from manufacturing, sales, finance, installation and service. We do not telemarket, and offer a variety of options from which to choose.

(Paranthetically, it’s refreshing to see someone not doing telemarketing!)

We are all about living LIFE: Living Intentionally for Excellence . We want to thank the local community for trusting us and allowing us to serve them.

Quillen sums it up as a true servant leader should; by thanking those who’ve helped his business weather the recession. Again, another kudo to Orrin’s brilliance as a leader.

I’m about giving props to those who offer great service therefore if you’re in the Ohio area, I suggest giving the Quillen Bros.  a call: 419-636-1303 or visit them online at

To true leadership!

Hannibal Noms deGuerre


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Mentorship is key to a significant LIFE!

Mentorship is key to a significant LIFE!

Recently my wife and I spent the weekend in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.  This 10,000 sq. ft. lake house that sits on a peninsula as part of 500 miles of like front properties was a breath-taking experience.  Owned by one of our Mentors, Denny and Donna Smith…this estate/home is designed so that all rooms have a water front view.  Our suite had a private balcony that had a magnificent view.  The leafs were in peak season.  My wife and I were reminded again of our great God and His awesome splendor of His creation.  The cool mornings and evenings and warm afternoons were filled with special memories.  This retreat was so special because we got to spend it with many of our LIFEBusiness partners and mentors.

The LIFE experiences and mentorship of ORRIN WOODWARD, GREG JOHNSON, DENNY SMITH,

MIKE PARR, and TONY HOFFMAN has been priceless.  Gaining respect from these men is something that is very important to me.  Experience is not the best teacher; other people’s experience is the best teacher.  Seeking counsel from men of this caliber is key.  These are all men that have the ‘fruit on the tree’ and have real-life experiences to provide that credible mentorship.  Men of principle-based character and integrity that help you gain perspective in all areas of LIFE.  TODAY, I HONOR THESE MEN AND THANK THEM FOR THE SIGNIFICANT ROLE THAT EACH ONE CONTRIBUTES TO MY LIFE.  I thank God every day for bringing these men into my life.  Without these men who provide mid-course correction, feedback, accountability, perspective, etc., I’m not sure where I would be.  May everyone who reads this post find great leaders in their life as I did.  Sincerely, Dave Ober


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