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Leadership Edge

Originally posted on Orrin Woodward LIFE Leadership Team:

Below is Chris Brady’s article on the release of the Edge youth series. I am blown away by the response of communities across America and Canada. Thousands of families have signed up for this youth series CD. I knew it would be a good launch, but the need and demand is clearly bigger than I anticipated.

In fact, Kristen Seidel (a former teacher who now is a full-time compensated community builder in her 20’s) has recently been approved to launch a summer school class in one of the school districts, teaching leadership principles and the Edge series CDs. LIFE continues to expand its positive influence across the globe! If you have children, you might want to check out the Edge series. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

Every once in a  while an idea comes along that is so good it makes you wonder why it wasn’t done before. Think of wheels on…

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A Leadership Revolution for the Next Generation

A Leadership Revolution for the Next Generation. What an awesome example of a next generation leader! Great job Kristen!


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Why success is all about relationships
March 14, 2012
by CBS

(MoneyWatch) COMMENTARY Now more than ever, there never seems to be enough time to get things done. Why that is, I don’t know. But I do know that, in an era of social networking, telecommuting and virtual meetings, when it comes to work, the one thing that gets sacrificed is relationships.

Big mistake.
If you want to get somewhere in your career, in management, in business, the worst thing you can do is just focus on work, work, work. Success is all about relationships. Relationships with your management, boss, peers, employees, customers — everyone in your immediate work ecosystem, if you know what I mean.
And I’m not just talking about working relationships; I’m talking about your personal relationships with these people, where you break through the workplace persona people use for whatever reason and actually connect with the human being beneath.
Just to be clear, this isn’t about wasting people’s time. That’s a bad idea because, as I said before, that’s the one precious commodity that nobody has enough of these days. But if you do it right — if you’re genuine, open and sensitive to people’s boundaries — you’ll do fine.
Here are seven reasons why your success depends far more on those all-important interpersonal work relationships than you realize:
Any CEO, VC, or entrepreneur will tell you that their network is their biggest asset. It’s where opportunities come from. And when it comes to networking, doing it old school is a major distinguishing factor versus social networking. When you have a personal relationship with someone, that creates a level of trust that sets you apart from the virtual hordes.
Strong relationships make it easier to get information and information is power. It could be about a major project, a key customer, budget cuts or an upcoming promotion opportunity. When it comes to important stuff, you have to give to get, and you’re not going to get anything valuable from somebody who doesn’t trust you.
Relationships get people through tough times. Long ago I learned that, all things being equal, a personal relationship will help you keep your job, win the business, whatever it is you need, it can make the difference when times are hard. It also means you have someone to lean on. Try leaning on someone you hardly know. Bad idea.
The higher up the corporate ladder you climb, the higher the stakes, the bigger the deals, the more important everything becomes. And that means people have to look you in the eye and feel confident that they know who they’re looking at, that you’ll do what you say you’re going to do, get the job done, whatever. And vice versa.
These days, companies have to be lean and mean, and that means having fewer, stronger relationships. No kidding. It’s the same reason why manufacturers minimize their number of vendors, suppliers and components. Because it’s more cost effective that way. Also, there’s a cost associated with bad business because you didn’t know the person as well as you should have and he failed to meet a commitment, for example.
It may be easier than ever to work and communicate virtually, but all that does is level the playing field, meaning there’s nothing that distinguishes your relationship with an individual. There’s no real connection, no real bond, and when push comes to shove, you can’t expect that person to do anything special or go the extra mile for you.

Personal relationships are more important in just about every nation on the planet than they are in the U.S. Why that is, I can’t say. But I’ve done business in dozens of countries on five continents and just about every culture devotes more time and energy to personal relationships than Americans do. And the more global our markets become, the more important it is to get with the majority program.
What if there was a company that could teach you how to have successful relationships in a community setting ( not theory only) but then would also compensate you as you all learn and grow together in growth groups all across the country!
This is why the LIFE business is going to be the next Walmart,Microsoft,apple etc. but instead of creating another billionaire it will create many millionaires and financially free families!  Life # 61235149
The business of the information age our product is information! Welcome to the future! 

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Success stories in LIFE Team

Success stories in LIFE Team. Impacting people’s lives!


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Creative destruction- what does that mean?

Great article by Dan Hawkins!

Here is a great article by leadership/business expert Orrin Woodward on creative destruction. I love how every principle Orrin teaches, he can reach back into history or pull from other experts to explain why he does what he does.

Joseph Schumpeter, one of the top economist of the twentieth century, described in Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy the principle of continuous improvement in a free enterprise environment, terming it Creative Destruction. Entrepreneurs are the key to this process, focusing on advancing products, processes, and systems in an effort to satisfy their customers’ wishes. I copied Schumpeter’s thoughts on the Creative Destruction process in blue and attached my commentary on how it applies in today’s networked economy:

Read more….

Orrin Woodward and the LIFE founders are changing the way business and leadership are done. The-life-business is the product of over 100 years experience in networking and leaders who applied creative destruction in our field.

Orrin Woodward: LIFE is striking at the foundations of the old networking business model. It is taking the best examples of leadership, community building, and life coaching, and marrying them together into a digital age business. The benefits to the consumer are lower prices, higher rewards, and best value proposition, making the risk/reward ratios the best in the history of networking.

I have yet to see any legitimate criticisms of the LIFE business model and I am not shocked by this. How can anyone criticize these improvements on the current benchmarks in the profession?

1. LIFE is attracting numerous customers. In fact, one member had a customer sign up over ten customers in two days! You heard me correctly. I said a customer just signed up ten other customers so that he and several of his friends can enjoy their products for free through the three for free program.
2. LIFE has the lowest monthly subscription price on the market – ($50 to $125).
3. The leadership information is taught around the globe on the principles taught from two Wall Street Journal and New York Times best selling authors and Top 30 leadership gurus.
4. LIFE has meetings anywhere in the USA and Canada thanks to internet streaming technology.
5. LIFE flows 70% of the PV revenue back to its members (highest in the industry).
6. LIFE has a 30 day no questions asked return policy. We want satisfied customers or your money back.
7. LIFE products already have thousands of satisfied users. Our best product is the changed lives or our customers and members.
8. The TEAM community building techniques have been benchmarked by nearly every other networking company, with many of the top networking leaders already customers of TEAM’s business building materials.

Please read the entire article on Orrin Woodward’s blog.

God bless, Dan Hawkins


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The Youth series called “Edge” is here!!

Dave Ober Leadership:

Reaching the next generation with truth!

Originally posted on Joe Darkangelo:

LIFE Members and Customers,

“If I only knew then what I know right now!” How many older people have had these types of thoughts? If the principles of success and winning could be learned at any age, why do so many people not learn them until much later in life, if at all? Why shouldn’t the principles of massive success be available to anyone at any age? After all, there is no age limit on success!

That’s what the EDGE series is all about! Designed especially for those on the younger side of life, it is a hard-core, no frills approach to learning the things that will make for a successful life. You will laugh, you will cry, you will totally have fun. Featuring successful businessmen and women, authors, entrepreneurs, and even professional athletes who deliver true stories of success, the EDGE series will give anyone a head start on…

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Oliver DeMille Reviews Resolved: 13 Resolutions for LIFE

Dave Ober Leadership:

Awesome book! Great article !

Originally posted on Kristen Seidl - Living an Intentional Life:

Oliver DeMille is the founder and former president of George Wythe University, the chairman of the Center for Social Leadership, and a co-creator of Thomas Jefferson Education.

He is the author of A Thomas Jefferson Education: Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the 21st Century, and The Coming Aristocracy: Education & the Future of Freedom. Oliver is dedicated to promoting freedom through leadership education

Please take the time to read Oliver DeMille’s review of LIFE founder Orrin Woodward’s new book, Resolved: 13 Resolutions for LIFE.

~Resolve to Read this Book~

By: Oliver DeMille (Feb 25th, 2012)

The freedom of any society is directly related to the quality of books that are widely read in that society. That said, there are some books everyone should read, like The Federalist Papers and Democracy in America.* And in a society like ours where we are desperate…

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